For more on CLICK Compatibility see the minimum system requirements page.

Web Browsers

The following web browsers are compatible with the VuSpex CLICK Inspector Dashboard.
  1. Google Chrome (Win + Mac) (recommended)
  2. Mozilla Firefox (Win + Mac)
  3. Microsoft Edge (Win + Mac)
  4. Safari (Mac)

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.

If your organization still uses Internet Explorer, then we recommend:

VuSpex CLICK Compatibility

Windows + Mac Compatible Web Browsers:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge 

(Internet Explorer is not supported)

Internet Connection

Video streaming requires a reliable and steady internet connection. VuSpex CLICK is optimized to work on WiFi and 4G/5G cellular speeds.

Internet Speed test

Inspectors, check your internet speed here:

  • Click the “GO” radial button
  • Wait for the test to complete

Internet speed can vary based on several factors

  • Your connection at the time of the inspection
  • The connection of the person you are calling
  • Your internet plan
  • Distance from your WiFi modem
  • Physical objects between you and your WiFi modem, like walls, surfaces, furniture, trees
  • Internet traffic in your home or office
  • Internet traffic at various busy times of day

People often think paying for a certain internet speed always gets that speed, but this is not true. Your connection may vary greatly depending on the factors listed above.

Internet Speed

WiFi (recommended for a successful call)

  • Download speed at least 10-15 MBPS
  • Upload speed at least 6-10 MBPS
  • Higher is better


  • At least 3 bars for good signal strength
  • Higher is better

Hardware Devices

Desktop and Laptop computers

It is best to use a modern and relatively new computer. Generally speaking, if your computer is more than 6 years old, you may experience issues with performance.

iOS and Android Smart Phones

Video streaming is an intensive process. If the phone of the person you are calling is 4 or 5 + years old, it may experience issues with performance. Modern phones are much faster, have better cameras, and generally have a better probability of connecting and displaying smooth video.

Headset with Microphone

As with any form of communication, it is best to be heard and reduce noise where possible. Use a headset with a microphone to reduce background noise and send a quality audio signal to the person you are speaking with. Test your headset before using and make sure audio levels are optimized for the highest quality.

Modern Hardware


  • Consider updating your computer if it is slow and unresponsive


  • Update your phone if it is more than 4 years old

Headset with Mic

  • A good headset and mic will make your voice sound clearer and help you understand the person you are speaking with

Create a Google Chrome Launch Icon

Especially for Internet Explorer users. This video tutorial explains how to create a handy CLICK launch icon to make getting into CLICK easier!

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