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Support for VuSpex CLICK

Troubleshooting VuSpex CLICK

  • Restart the phone before the inspection
  • If you called the mobile user, hang up the audio call first before starting the virtual inspection.
  • Use headphones (with a mic) on the phone to prevent audio issues
  • If there are mobile web browser permission related issues, then install VuSpex GO
    • No need to launch the app or create an account
    • On iOS, the VI will auto-launch the GO app
    • On Android, the text link will present a choice to open in the browser or GO app.
    • Select GO to launch in GO, and allow all permissions.

Try SNAP Photo Inspections for VuSpex CLICK!

Check out the YouTube video to see how it works.

To enable the SNAP Photo Inspection, check the little box that says SNAP, located under the “INSPECT NOW” button.

  • Use SNAP (Beta)
    • Call the person on the phone first to establish audio
    • Send the text message invite by toggling the SNAP button in the CLICK dashboard
    • Walk them through the inspection, having them snap photos. Instruct them to take more or better photos to get what you need.
    • Click the “End Session” button to end.
    • The photos are available in the zip format or the PDF report immediately.
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