Getting Started for Contractors

I scheduled my virtual inspection, downloaded the VuSpex APP, and signed-in, now what do I do?

You should be all set for your virtual inspection.

Next Step: Schedule your virtual or offline inspection with the building department.

Virtual inspections require a strong internet connection. At the inspection site, make sure you have WiFi or at least two-three bars of cellular service. 

  • The Inspector will send a notification to your phone, near your scheduled time.

  • Have your phone nearby and look/listen for a VuSpex push notification message from the Inspector.

  • Then, tap the notification message to launch the VuSpex APP.

  • Finally, tap the green phone icon to begin the call, then wait a moment to connect.

  • When you are connected, the Inspector will see video from your camera and you can begin talking to each other.
What happens if the internet or cell signal is bad, or the inspection is interrupted?
  • The Inspector will likely call your phone and speak with you verbally.
What happens after we are connected to the virtual inspection call?
  • The Inspector will guide you through the inspection. They will speak with you and capture photos/videos from the camera view on your phone. When finished they will terminate the call.