UPDATE: The VuSpex GO target release date is May 4, 2021.

Get the VuSpex GO beta app!

  • Choose iPhone or Android and follow the instructions below.
  • Sign-in with your VuSpex Contractor test account credentials

iPhone App Store

Installing a Beta iOS App via Email or Public Link Invitation

  1. Install TestFlight on the iOS device that you’ll use for testing.
  2. Open your invitation email or tap on the public link on your iOS device.
  3. Tap View in TestFlight or Start Testing; or tap Install or Update for the app you want to test.

Public link


Android Google Play

Installing a Beta Android App via Public Link Invitation

  1. First, tap the opt-in link on your Android phone

You must use an email associated with a Google or Gmail account

Opt-in link


After opt-in, tap the Google Play link on your phone to get the app

Google Play link


What should I beta test?

VuSpex is excited to announce we are beta testing a vastly-improved new version of our mobile app, called VuSpex GO!

The new app is completely rebuilt from the ground-up!

  • Redesigned, based on your feedback and use-cases.
  • All-new, more efficient code-base.
  • Field Reports completely overhauled!
  • Ready for Beta Testing now!
Offline Inspection has been renamed to Field Report.

Notable new Field Report features include:

  • All-new step-by-step process
  • Progress saves as you go
  • Friendly, easier permit search
  • Field Report Summary: see exactly what is sent to the inspector
  • Field Reports stored on your device to view and send anytime
  • Send Now or Later, and auto-test to verify connectivity
  • Staged uploading shows each photo & video as they are sent
  • Color-coded icons for in-progress, saved-and-finalized, and sent

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex device phone GO

Playing the Part

  • Roleplay as the Contractor and Inspector


Sign in to the VuSPex GO app with your normal Contractor account credentials used for testing

  • Create a New Field Report, send it to the Inspector.
    • Use your test permit.
    • Did you receive the expected email notifications?
  • Test the Request Inspection feature. (only for Agencies currently using in-app scheduling)
    • Send a request to your Inspector account.
  • Do a virtual inspection with an Inspector signed-in to the AC Inspector portal at beta.vuspex.com


Sign in here https://beta.vuspex.com

  • Did you receive the Contractor’s Requested Inspection?
    • If so, schedule the inspection.
  • Do a virtual inspection with the Contractor.
  • Schedule a Field Report for the Contractor.
    • Add Offline inspection types as you normally would via Accela
  • Did you receive the Contractor’s Field Report?
    • If so, result the inspection.
  • Did you receive the expected email notifications?

*Make sure you click the beta.vuspex.com link (not prod.vuspex.com)

Who do I contact for found issues and questions/comments?

Email support@vuspex.com 

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex anim sending 340 loop

How do I beta-test from the Contractor’s perspective?

Test the VuSpex GO features (e.g. “Field Report” “Virtual Inspections” “Request Inspection”) by signing-in to the beta-app with your Contractor credentials.

If you do not have a Contractor test account, then you must create one prior to testing.

  • See the steps below for Contractor beta-testing.

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex house roof construction S8UVFZZ

Launch VuSpex GO:

  1. Get the app on your phone
  2. Launch the app by tapping the VuSpex GO icon

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex VuSpex GO 01

How to Sign-in to the beta-test VuSpex GO:

  1. Enter your Contractor account credentials and Sign-in
  2. If you do not have a Contractor account, then tap Create Account

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex VuSpex GO 02

*You should see the Main Menu screen

Prior to testing on the app, assign some offline inspections in Accela, to the test permit.

  • In Accela these are still referred to as Offline Inspections, we have not changed the name there yet.

Create a New Field Report:

  1. Tap the button to begin the step-by-step process

What is a Field Report? 

  • A Field Report is the same as an Offline Inspection.
  • We changed the name due to people becoming confused or not liking the word Offline.
  • It’s not technically an inspection, rather a report comprised of photos, videos, and comments taken from the inspection job site and sent to the Inspector, hence the name Field Report.

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex VuSpex GO 03

Do a Virtual Inspection:

As an Inspector:

  1. Sign-in to the Beta AC Inspector portal.
  2. Search for your test permit.
  3. Click on the test permit
  4. Click on the Inspect Now button
  5. Assign an Inspection type, enter your test Contractor name or phone number
  6. Click Inspect Now to send a text message invite to the Contractor

As a Contractor:

  1. Sign-in to the VuSpex GO Beta-App.
  2. Tap on the text message invite from the Beta Inspector.
  3. Test the virtual inspection to make sure everything works how you would expect.

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex VuSpex GO 13

Test a Request Inspection:

*Optional – test this if your Agency is using this feature

As a Contractor:

  1. Click the tab in the upper-right for Schedule
  2. Fill out the Request Inspection form, using a test permit
  3. Did you receive the email notifications as expected?

As an Inspector:

  • Sign in to beta.vuspex.com
  • Check to see that you received the Request for Inspection

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex VuSpex GO 14

You made VuSpex better!

Thank you for your time & effort

Visit the VuSpex GO App Support Page for more information ->