An Offline Field Report or OFR for short allows the Customer to send inspection media directly to the Inspector for reviewing and resulting.

Two ways to send an OFR:


  • A solution for when there is not a sufficient connection for a virtual inspection.
  • Asynchronous workflow. The Inspector and Customer do not meet physically, or virtually.
  • Allows the Customer to send the OFR whenever they want.
  • The Inspector can review and result the OFR whenever they want.
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Discuss with your Inspector

Before getting started…

Agencies handle OFRs in different ways. Some require scheduling in advance and some allow the Customer to send any time without the need for scheduling. Ask your Inspector how these work.

Sign up for a Contractor account

If you do not have a VuSpex Contractor account:

A VuSpex Contractor account is required for Contractors to send an OFR 

Link Your Agency

Contractors must link the Agency they are working with to connect with Inspectors for virtual inspections and conduct an offline inspection submittal.

  • Add the State you are working in.
  • Add the Agency (city, county, state)

VuSpex AC Contractor Portal Agency and State selector UI

Before sending an Offline Field Report

  • GPS verification cannot be guaranteed with the Contractor portal.
  • Use VuSpex GO if GPS verification is required.
  • If sending from the Contractor portal: Taking photos the phone’s default camera app requires the contractor to enable GPS data for your photos.

Check your phone’s Settings

GPS must be enabled to verify your location!

How to enable GPS – iOS ->

How to enable GPS – Android ->

Video recordings should be set to 720p at 30 FPS, in order to minimize video file size and upload times.

Record video segments of 30 seconds to 5 minutes max. Longer videos will result in very large files and can take a very long time to upload.

Send from VuSpex GO

When your inspection is scheduled and you are ready to send the OFR, launch VuSpex GO, and tap on the Offline Field Report button and follow the steps.

How to send an OFR from VuSpex GO ->

Internet Connection Required

When your Offline FIeld Report is complete, you must send it to the Inspector. This requires a steady internet connection and may take several minutes or longer depending on how much inspection media was included.

Send from Contractor Portal

Note: GPS verification cannot be guaranteed with the Contractor portal

Reasons you might prefer to use the Contractor portal to send the OFR:

  • Sending an OFR from the Contractor portal is useful for someone who prefers to use their desktop or laptop computer vs. the VuSpex GO, such as a staff member for an HVAC company, for example.

Watch the video tutorial ->

Video Tutorial – Contractor Portal OFR – Desktop

How to send an offline field report from the Contractor Portal on a desktop or laptop.

Video Tutorial – Contractor Portal OFR – Phone

How to send an offline field report from the Contractor Portal on an iOS or Android phone.

What Happens After Sending an OFR?

  • The OFR is locked and cannot be edited.
  • The Contractor will receive an email notification for confirmation.
  • The Inspector will receive an email notification so they can review and result.
  • Once the inspection is resulted by the Inspector, the Contractor will receive a notification of the results.

How long does it take the Inspector to review and result the OFR?

  • Contact your Inspector to see how long it will take to get your results. It could be 5 minutes or 24 hours or longer.

What photos should I send to ensure I pass my inspection?

  • Discuss OFR requirements with your Inspector. It varies per Agency.

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