Understanding the Internet and data signal strength

I have 3 or 4 bars on my phone but my call failed.

What’s up?

Good question!

  • If you have bad signal strength, the call will fail or be of poor quality.
  • If you have great signal strength, it does not mean you’ll always have a great call connection.

The reason is that the signal strength is the strength of the tower which does not correlate to the speed of the underlying network provided by the cell carrier.

So, that can be the reason that calls fail even though there is “good signal strength.” It can be confusing.

The analogy is that you have full strength on your Wi-Fi at home, but your connection speed is terrible for one of many possible reasons.

Have you ever watched Netflix and your video froze and Mr. Spinny Wheel popped up, even though you have a stellar Wi-Fi speed?

Keep in mind the issue can be on the Inspector’s side or the Contractor/Field Agent side as well.

To help debug signal strength and connection issues, check out our Pre-call Tests:


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