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Quick Start Admin Inspector Guide

Download NOW Admin Inspector Guide (PDF 439 KB)


Use a compatible web browser. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari 

  • Internet Explorer is not supported

Sign in

  1. Launch a compatible web browser
  2. Go to:   
  3. Enter your email and password for your VuSpex NOW account
  4. Click Sign-in
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Dashboard Zones

  1. Header
  2. Rows per page / Search bar
  3. VuSpex user account information
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Header Features

  1. Agency & Sub-Agency: Select an Agency or create a Sub-Agency.
  2. Custom-Label: Displays the custom brand logo of your choice. 
  3. Add Inspector: Create a new Inspector Account for VuSpex NOW.
  4. Add Field Agent: Create a new Field Agent Account for VuSpex NOW.
  5. Customization: Edit names of various fields to suit your naming conventions.
  6. Inspection Types: Create an array of custom inspections and result types.
  7. Export Inspections: Export a CSV file of inspections from a custom date range.
  8. Log Viewer: Displays a list of user logins. 
  9. Settings menu: Opens the list of settings: modes, preferences, and much more!
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Rows per page and search bar

  • Select how many rows of users to display onscreen at a time
  • Filter users by searching for keywords to display results
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VuSpex user account information

  • Pro-tip: Hover over a field of text to get a tip on what the field, button, or icon does
  • Click on a field to edit the field and make changes to user-account information
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Admin’s Rule!

You rock