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This is a perfect place to begin. VuSpex CLICK is a powerful & affordable way to connect, conduct, and complete virtual inspections of any type.

Follow the steps below to begin now.

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Virtual inspections… a new frontier for inspection software technology!

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Minimum System Requirements

First, please review our minimum system requirements page to ensure successful virtual inspections are possible, before getting started with your team.

Please Read This!

Planning your organization’s onboarding will help ensure things go smoothly. Please read this entire page to understand how to get started with VuSpex CLICK.

Make a plan to onboard your organization

The following is an example for onboarding a medium to large size organization. If your organization is smaller or only 1-3 people, then you may skip some steps.

1. First Steps

  1. Assign one person to create a VuSpex CLICK account and act as the ‘Admin’ for the organization.
  2. After the ‘Admin’ is signed-in to their account, use the Invite Inspector button to invite 1-2 more Inspectors to the organization

2. Initial Test

3. Invite Inspectors

  • If needed, expand your group by inviting more Inspectors to your organization with the Invite Inspector button.
  • Help others in your organization by answering their questions about: creating an account, and sign-in.

4. Team Test

  • Now that your Organization is larger: call each other and do internal tests on a larger scale.
  • Identify Lead Inspectors. Instruct them to help others that may require technical assistance.

5. Partial Rollout

  • Identify 3-6 people in your organization to do real-world inspections.
  • Report to others how the inspections went and note the tips & tricks that made your inspections successful.

6. Go-Live

  • The Inspectors are ready to begin using VuSpex CLICK for virtual inspections.
  • If anyone has issues getting started, please contact support for assistance.

Sign up for an account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create account
  3. Create a new account
  4. Verify your account
VuSpex CLICK Sign-up screen

Video Tutorial – Create a New Account for your Organization

For the ‘Admin’ or first-time creation of a CLICK Organization.

Video Tutorial – Create a New Account from an Invitation

Did you receive an email invite from your Organization to join VuSpex CLICK?

Sign in

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your email address and password for your account. If you don’t know your password, email
  3. Click Sign in
Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex CLICK Sign in Safari

Inspector Dashboard

After signing in you will see the Inspector dashboard, where you can conduct a virtual inspection. 

The dashboard contains:
VuSpex CLICK dashboard screen

Video Tutorial – Inspector Dashboard Tour

Take a brief tour of the VuSpex CLICK dashboard.