The Field Agent is the person the Inspector is calling. The Inspector is conducting the inspection while the Field Agent is at the inspection location with their mobile device.

This guide aims to prepare the Field Agent for a virtual inspection video call.

  • Internet – Make sure you have a strong signal on your device to ensure a good connection with the Inspector. 
  • Preparation – Prior to the video call, make sure you are prepared for the inspection and understand any requirements.  
  • Battery – Charge the smartphone or tablet, particularly for long video calls. Video inspections can drain a battery quickly.
  • No App – You will not need to download an app for the video inspection. 
  • Privacy – Nothing will be saved to your device and the Inspector cannot see or copy anything from their device – aside from seeing the live-streaming video and hearing audio during the video inspection. 
  • Permissions – When prompted you must tap “Allow” and/or “Enable” permissions for Camera, Microphone, and possibly Location. 
    • These permissions are temporary and constrained to the video call window in the web browser. When the video inspection ends, the permission’s end.
  • Data – VuSpex video sessions are efficient, a typical call uses between 12-20 MB of data during a 5-minute video call. Costs are minimal and there is no charge for the message, only data rates.  
  • Text Message Invite – Be ready to receive an SMS Text Message with a link to join the video call at the scheduled time and respond to requests from the Inspector.  
  • Enable Do Not Disturb (DND) – Turn off iOS/Android phone or tablet notifications during the video call to prevent interruptions. 
  • Black Screen – iOS/Android phone calls and notifications during a video call can cause the Field Agent mobile screen to go black and cause performance issues with streaming video to the Inspector.  

Follow the directions of the Inspector

When the Inspector sends you the SMS Text Message Invite, please follow the steps below:

1. Tap on the SMS Text Message LINK

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex CLICK 01 SMS Invite

2. Tap ALLOW permissions for Microphone & Camera

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex CLICK 02 Allow Permissions

3. Wait a moment to CONNECT

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex CLICK 03 Connecting

4. Virtual Inspection FEATURES

  1. Chat: Send and read chat messages.
  2. Mute/Unmute the microphone.
  3. Screengrab: Save a screenshot of the device’s display.
  4. Camera: Switch the camera to the Front/Back of your device.
  5. Hang up: End the video call.
  6. Call length: Elapsed time of the virtual inspection.
  7. Markups: Select a color to draw on the screen with your finger.
Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex CLICK 04 Video Call

5. END CALL screen

Virtual Inspection Software - VuSpex CLICK 05 Inspection Ended