Submit a Field Report (Offline Inspection) with the Contractor Portal

The old version of the VuSpex mobile app can have issues sending the Offline Inspection (Field Report).

If you are encountering this problem, see the steps below to submit the Offline Inspection via the Contractor Portal as an alternate method to using the VuSpex APP.

For future FIeld Reports (Offline Inspections), please download our new VuSpex GO app and delete the old VuSpex APP from your phone.

Steps to Submit with the Contractor Portal

  • You can do this on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
  • The photos taken with the VuSpex APP are stored in your default camera gallery on your phone.
  • This is an alternate method to using the VuSpex APP.

Click the link and Sign-in with your VuSpex Contractor credentials:

Step 1

  • Choose your Agency in the dropdown window. It may be selected by default.

Step 2

  • Enter your permit number, then search. Select your inspection type in the dropdown window that appears after searching.

Step 3

  • Browse to your camera gallery or photo files on your phone and select all the photos/videos to add for the inspection. (You can select multiple files at once.)

Step 4

  • Add comments (optional)

Step 5

  • Click the Submit button, wait a minute or two for the report to send and you will receive a notification email after it goes through.

After the Field Report is sent, the Inspector will automatically be notified and can review and result.

Video Tutorials

Send by Mobile Phone

Send by Desktop/Laptop

Use VuSpex GO for Future Inspections

Lastly, please download the new, updated mobile app for Contractors called “VuSpex GO”.

VuSpex GO has many improvements and is highly recommended.