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The Greater Omaha Chapter of the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC; hosted an informational meeting on Jan. 12 for the City of Omaha to introduce a new inspection option powered by VuSpex to local contractors and interested parties. The City has expanded its electronic offerings for the Permits & Inspections department and is starting to allow live inspections via a smartphone app.

NAWIC Chapter President, Karli Meisinger with Eyman, states, “When I was invited to attend an advance training session at the City, I had no idea what they would be presenting. I was very impressed with the VuSpex product. The developers were on hand and they and the City were very open to questions and ideas to make this a valuable tool for contractors. This cutting-edge technology is very exciting for the Omaha construction market. Eyman is a family business that is always trying to innovate, so we love that this idea was spawned by a contractor looking for a solution to a problem. I also like that the City is being proactive to reduce their role in construction delays. I knew that our NAWIC Chapter companies would be very interested in this technology and I also knew that the City would need contractor feedback to make this process work. I leapt at this opportunity to provide a platform for VuSpex and the City of Omaha to get the word out.”

Eyman ( is currently using this technology in the field and would be happy to participate in a demonstration. Alternatively, Omaha will be hosting NAWIC’s Regional Forum in April of 2017 and VuSpex will be conducting contractor training at the conference.